Ohh my goodness… I do laundry for a family of 6 now!! Sweet little baby Jemme is about two months and I think I got it. I’ve figured out my routine at home. My biggest success thus far is that I can singlehandedly get all kids into bed by 19:30! (OH YEAHH!) This was such a challenge before Jemme was born. But for some reason, perhaps my no-nonsene-ness, or tiredness, or no-time-to-play-ness gets these kids into gear. Whatever it is… it works. And i’m happy! I actually get to relax on the couch while four(!!!) kids are asleep! Whahah I AM a boss. *Pats herself on the back*

I can now slowly but surely figure out how I will fit in the rest of my life… Work, play and not to forget some time to relax. The routine we have with the kids and the household works, so far.

I was hospitalized about two weeks before my last was born after a routine check up. I had to go on bedrest. For some reason my baby’s growth was stalling and the doctors said I had to stay and at least try and make the 37-week mark before I would get induced. That day, I had actually planned to go back into the office to get some more work done, but that shit was not happening. My pregnant self had to stay. I had no choice but to give in. Suprisingly, it didn’t stress me out. I was tired (duh) and eventually welcomed some forced rest. What I did to kill time besides reading or occasionally watching a movie, was also just enjoying the peace and quiet in silence. While gazing out the window I just let the days fly by so this baby could grow and grow. It was nice. Surprisingly so.

I couln’t remember the last time I actually took rest like this. I couldn’t help but wonder what if.. in some crazy reality I could relax like this more often? What would a week on the job – a week off the job look like? Nah… that would never work… or could it? Even thinking about it felt like taboo or sin! Haha work 2 weeks per month? NEVER!

But for real… just imagine a week on the job, and a week off… then another week on the job and a week off and STILL making the same amout of money at the end of the month. Now… is that a goal or whattt?? Oh the things I would do with more free time! Spend more time with the kids, my husband and also just as important… me, myself and I. What would you do if you were ‘forced’ to not do anything? How do you think you would spend this time? How would you experience it? And if you think you’d enjoy it… Would you allow yourself to look into ways to make more time to do absolutely nothing? I wonder…

What would I have to do to get there? A week on – week off would feel like immense freedom. What do they say? Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars? One thing’s for sure. I would have to be EVEN better at planning and creating (and sticking to) some serious routines in order to be able to pull that shit off.

Creating freedom with better routines
I’m working on it. Bit by bit.. I will do my best and add a new habit to old habits in order to get what I want, which is more time. James Clear explains how in his book ‘Atomic Habits’. For example… this damn laundry… Old habit; go to bed at 10 pm so I can read, added habit: throw in a load of clothing in the washing machine, read my book and when it’s done, throw the clothes in the dryer. Then off to bed I go.

Smart moves.. if I do say so myself.

<3 Mischulaikah
Always trying to be better at this mommy thing.